Divano Production has always promoted a very special kind of traditional music: music for parties and weddings

For nearly three decades, Divano has been releasing a new album every year. Each album is tailored specifically for the purpose of what it would be used for on one of our events or sell at one of our shops.

The newly released album, “Divanonnissimo” was released on December 2nd 2017 and features songs from the hottest Italian pop artists in Italy today.

Divano Production is one of the most popular dance bands. They have a long history and have been around since 1981. They are known for their lively rendition of traditional music: music for parties and weddings.

Divano Production is a family business that has been around for decades, operating in their hometown of Varna, Bulgaria. They have always promoted a very special kind of traditional music: music for parties and weddings.

Founder and legendary musician Hristo Peev, who passed away in 2005, was very clear about the aim of Divano production: to offer what people want to hear at their most important events.

Over the years, Divano production has become internationally known for their classic wedding songs with lyrics such as “Hristo ne more” or “Beshekia bele”. While there are other Bulgarian producers who also produce this type of music, Divano production is still the most popular producer thanks to its unique sound that can only be found in Bulgaria.

Divano Production is an Israeli production company that creates original music for events and parties.

This company has never been about the money. They have always created music for their clients, not for sale or for profit, but as a kind of love and passion.

Divano Production is a traditional music company with its roots in the rural folklore of Serbia. The company was started by Miroslav Krstic in 1978. Since then, divano has become a household name for Serbian wedding and party music. Today, it is known throughout the region as well as farther abroad.

The biggest advantage of Divano Production is that they are able to offer their customers custom-made music in a very short period of time since they have direct contact with their clients.

Their services are very diverse and include everything from musical scores for movies to background music for social events such as weddings or birthdays.

Divano was founded in 1981 by two friends, Marco Todaro and Giorgio Gabriel, who were both interested in different aspects of music.

Todaro had already been promoting party and wedding music with his group, the Salsoul Orchestra, while Gabriel focused on producing the music in a different manner.

The two artists collaborated to produce a unique kind of party or wedding music that was part traditional, part modern and all soulful.

Divano Production is a Swedish music production company that specializes in creating music for parties and weddings.

In their earliest years, they created their own unique form of music, but today they produce modern songs with orchestral arrangements and heavy drums. They have also released many albums and singles in a variety of different genres.

One way that Divano Production has grown is by expanding their services to those who can’t afford the high costs associated with booking an orchestra or a DJ. They have an event production company that provides them DJs, musicians and hired performers to work at your event.

Divano Production is one of the most famous producers of music for parties and weddings throughout Romania. In fact, it is such a popular producer that people from all over the world use Divano’s music in their own events.

The company produces an average of 4 albums a year and has just recently released their latest album “Amarele negri” which is a collection of traditional Romanian songs dedicated to the devil.

DIVANI is an Italian company that has been involved in the production of music for parties and weddings for the past 60 years.

It is known for its crisp, clear sound and rhythm, which is all about bringing joy to those who listen to it. DIVANI has also brought a unique approach to arranging songs by focusing on the song’s emotional aspect and not just where it should be in the song’s structure.

Diva productions is a company that has been around as long as time itself. However, with time they have evolved their business model from producing physical media such as CDs and vinyl records to now embracing digital music. With their new line of albums they are back on track again with what they do best- producing gorgeous arrangements of classic songs- perfect for those looking for something special during a wedding or celebration.

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