Divano Production – Our activities include concerts and tours around the world, participation in the creation of soundtracks

Divano Production is the production company of international pop stars and composers, now a worldwide media corporation.

The Company was founded in 1978 by its president, Riccardo Piacentini. It has its headquarters in Milan, Italy and has been involved in the artistic activity of their clientssince 1978.

With more than 20 years of experience in soundtracks for films and advertising as well as concerts and tours around the world, Divano Production offers an extensive list of services.

Divano Production produces concerts and tours around the world, as well as participates in the production of soundtracks for films and TV shows.

Our goal is to provide a new platform for the music world – always trying to innovate to keep up with technologies, trends, and audience expectations.

Divano Production is a company that was founded in 2008 and has offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Los Angeles. They produce concerts, tours, albums and soundtracks for cinema, TV-series and video games.

Divano Production is also known for its participation in the creation of soundtracks for Cannes Film Festival winners including “The Pianist” by Roman Polanski, “The White Ribbon” by Michael Haneke, “Son of Saul” by László Nemes, amongst others.

With their expertise in production of concerts and tours around the world as well as co-productions with other world-famous acts such as U2 or Bruce Springsteen Divano produces products that are both high quality and accessible to a wide range of audiences around the globe.

Divano Production is an entertainment producer and manager. As a leading company in the field of music, Divano Production has been producing concerts and tours around the world. They have also participated in the creation of soundtracks such as Tom Hanks’ film “The Terminal”, based on the bestselling novel by Joseph Heller (author of “Catch-22”).

Divano Production has two divisions: Creative and Business. The Creative division handles concert production, while Business manages international sales, radio promotions and events.

In 2012 Divano Productions signed a deal with Big Time Entertainment, which resulted in them being able to produce live concerts in North America as well as Japan.

Divano Production was founded in 2009 by the enterprising and creative Stefan Brodowsky and Lydia Bråtling. They wanted to create a “modern music production company” that would follow their dreams of reaching a higher creative level with the help of technology.

Currently, they are working on their new project called “Soundscapes”, which incorporates interactive music installation and mixed soundtracks to cinema, theater, VR applications, etc.

Divano Production – is a music production company with a worldwide reach, for concerts, tours and soundtracks. The show was created by the famous Italian composer Michele Soavi.

Divano Production began its activities in 2003 when the pioneer of electronic dance music, Frankie Knuckles, commissioned the company to create his memorial concert entitled “The World Is My Stage.”

Since its establishment, Divano production has created albums and projects for international stars such as Justice (musical), Red Hot Chili Peppers (album), Gorillaz (album) and Daft Punk (album).

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